April and May will be remembered for three events —Lok Sabha Elections, IPL and the mother of all quizzes

Yes, it’s the biggest and most coveted corporate quiz competition in India. The Brand Equity Quiz 2009. So buckle up and get ready for some high octane action as professionals across corporate India — be it marketing or advertising professionals, CEOs and MDs or B-school students — come together to match their wits for the ultimate quiz glory. It’s an arena where designations and heirarchy don’t matter, but intelligence, dexterity, ability to perform under pressure and quick reactions are the necessary requirements for success. It’s a fight where all the man hours invested in cramming and accessing knowledge will be put to the ultimate test of brainpower. 

Brand Equity Quiz 2009 will be as intense as the battle for ballot and cricket.With animated audiences, splendid team work, big wins by wide margins and even exciting close finishes. Of course, to officiate all the excitement, the event will have veteran quiz master, Derek o’Brien(one of my favorite), who will don the role of an umpire or be the election commissioner , as the situation demands. 

So mark the respective dates on the calendar and yes, make sure, you get friends and supporters in huge numbers to cheer your home team. This year, winners of the national finals will drive away in a sparkling new muscular Mahindra Scorpio. Even those who do not make it that far will go home with their bags full, for there are exciting prizes awaiting winners right from the preliminary rounds. 

If you have what it take to participate and win the battle, visit the official site and download the complete schedule.

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